Saturday, October 15, 2016

Bathroom Remodel

  I've been reading a lot of talk on blogs lately about putting bikes away for the winter. I'm not ready to do that yet and I couldn't even if I wanted to. You see, my garage is such a mess right now that two of my rides are blocked in. Whats in the way is debris from a remodeling project I'm doing in our house. It has also become a staging area for new material coming in. The whole ordeal has become quite a mess. How come beautifying one room leaves so many others in shambles?  Construction dust is everywhere although it has revealed something to me. There are cat paw imprints in this dust and they are everywhere. Some of them are in places I'd never imagine they could get to. I thought they just slept all day but it appears they are wandering around rubbing their junk on everything I own.
 Those that have been through these types of projects know they can be difficult at times. First you have to decide to what length you will take this project. My wife finding a loose tile in the shower has led to this.

 The room is not part of the original house so you can imagine the added complications to the project including plumbing and someones idea of stud spacing that must have involved the metric system.
 The cleanup is done and the sub floor and walls are next. That meant a trip to the lumber store. My wife thinks she came along to help choose a vanity and such but what I really needed was someone to help with the heavy lifting and she was a trooper. If your not sure why she appears to be eating her glasses then I'll assume you are single. See, its hard to strangle someone while holding glasses in your hand.

These kind of projects can either make a couple stronger or start fights. So far there has been no talk of divorce so I guess we'll be alright although I was just reminded that yesterday was sweetest day. Dang hallmark holidays get me every time.
 Last night was an out of town over nighter. We saw Jay play drums in a rock band and enjoyed some adult beverages. A good time was had by all.



  1. I assume you haven't got to the stage of selecting new bathroom fixtures yet. Strangling is a definite possibility once that process begins. Good luck. :)

  2. I've learned a long time ago the value of the words "yes dear". I only veto her choices if they physically won't work in the room. Besides, I just learned this is the first of three bathrooms I'll be doing. She says the next two should be so much easier after I do this one. "yes dear".