Wednesday, October 5, 2016


 Sunday was the Slimey Crud Run, an event that involves a motorcycle gathering in Pine Bluff, Wi followed by a gathering in Leland. Whatever route you take from Pine Bluff to Leland is the "run" and it's not organized, chaperoned or even have start time.  It is what you make it. The draw for many is the tire kicking, bench racing and jaw jacking that goes on while the bikes are parked. Sunday my plan was to ride the sporty down with Dan but when he backed out I changed up my plan a bit. I rode the Ultra and later rode further to my oldest daughters house for a visit. The sporty may have made the ride but certainly not with the same comfort I enjoyed on Harleys finest touring rig.
 While in Leland I met fellow blogger "Coop" from Coop's Corner.  My memory isn't that good but besides JT who got me started in blogging, Coop may be the first blogger I've met in person. We didn't talk about blogs but we did talk about something we're both passionate about. Bikes, duh.
 There was a decent turnout of bikes but it was lacking in the odd stuff usually in attendance. There was one bike that caught my attention, not so much for the physical bike itself but for the whole package.
 This guy

 It's one thing to put a sidecar on your bike but something totally different to do it without any previous sidecar experience. Looking at the bike and mounts it was clear he built this on his own and to his own specs. I was parked next to him so I had a chance to hear his story and all I could do is grin and give him a thumbs up. Of course these projects are never done. I learned that a propeller may be in the works for this unusual rig.
 Speaking of grinning, I had a weird encounter while I was minding my own freakin business watching the bikes go by. A cop walked up to me and said "It's ok for you to smile". WTF? Now we're monitoring facial expressions? I smile when it's appropriate but I don't go walking around with a fake smile on like so many people do. If you see me grinnin you know it's real.
 Anyway, I was at a bike event so you know I was smiling on the inside and no court could ever prove otherwise.


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