Sunday, October 1, 2017

Left Saddlebag

 Yesterday morning I threw a leg over the Ultra and headed off for work just like I had all summer long. The difference was that after I got underway the thermometer on the bike was telling me it was only 8 degrees above freezing. I wasn't prepared for that and I certainly didn't need the thermometer to tell me it would be a cool ride because I was already shivering. They say ten minutes of shivering is equal to an hour workout. Will this be my new weight loss plan?
 I'm one of those people that would rather be hot than cold. Because of that my left saddlebag is dedicated to clothing that will keep me warm and dry. 

 Well it usually is but it had been rearranged when I went on vacation. What was in there was rain gear, two sweatshirts and a jacket liner. I'll repack it to include winter riding gloves, a dickey, balaclava, thermal underwear and the controller for my heated jacket liner. I took out one of the sweatshirts because I really don't even need one of them with the jacket liner in there. Also shown in the pic are insulated riding pants. They won't go in the bag because they are usually put on when I leave the house. If it was warm enough to not put them on then odds are I wouldn't be looking for them later in the day. Today is one of those days they'll get put on. It is cold out there and I have a full day planned on the bike and shivering just makes for a miserable ride. As for the weight loss plan, I'll stick to lite beer and no sweets. See you at the Slimey Crud Run.


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