Sunday, October 22, 2017

The Truth About The Wind

 Every so often the daily ride turns into more than just commuting. Something happens and everything just clicks and there's an overwhelming sense of a connection with the environment. That happened Wednesday when after years of biking I finally made a realization about the wind. We always talk about the wind in our face as we hustle down the road or our "knees in the breeze". Thats all fine and dandy but the blast of the wind in my face as I roll down the hiway is an artificial wind. Its only wind because I'm hauling ass through the calm air. What I like is the interaction with the environment. I don't just want to be outside, I want to be part of the outside. I want the wind to blow in from my side and slap me on the shoulder as to ask "you want some of this?" Yes please, may I have another?
 Its not just the feeling of the wind but the visual evidence of its presence. I like watching the trees dance back and forth. They twist and sway as if they are trying to shake their leaves off. Sometimes they remind me of this scene...Is there a spider on me!? Get the spider off me!! Is it still on me?!? Stop laughing! Where did it go? Some of the fall color leaves are hanging on for dear life while others let go and sail away. On the ground, ribbons of leaves chase each other like lemmings as a gust of wind rearranges them across the street. I can hear them over the thump of the big twin as they shuffle along the concrete, or at least I think I can hear them. Maybe it's more than that. As I approach and ride though that gust I can feel natures power influencing me and those leaves. The combination of feeling the gust, adding a little steering input to correct my path and the visual of the racing leaves gives me that feeling of connection with mother nature. The bike becomes a tool for transportation, but not from point a to point b. It transports me to a place where I can get lost in the feeling of being in tune with this thing we call nature. I like that feeling, even if it only lasted a few minutes during my lunch break.


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