Sunday, October 15, 2017

Air Brush Fail

 You may remember me telling you about a spray booth that I built for my shop. So far its been handy for quick little jobs but except for a test run with an old fuel tank, it really hasn't been used much. That will change this winter for sure.
 I may have also told you about purchasing an air brush kit, or at least it was represented as a kit. It came with the compressor, water separator, hose and air brush. To the average knucklehead like me that would appear to be everything needed to start competing with the likes of Van Gogh and Rembrandt. Wrong. What it needs is a pressure regulator. Without one it is almost impossible to do anything. Pull the trigger and you get a blast of tank pressure that makes a big splash on the project.

  You can see as the pressure drops off it is possible to do some minor detail work but even then I think its way too much pressure. It just seems stupid that the kit didn't come with a regulator. I'm not sure if I'm pissed off at the manufacturer or at myself for not knowing better.
 This run wasn't a total waste of time. I did learn about the need to thin the paint so it would flow through the small brush. I also learned what is needed to clean the air brush and how much time to allow for that. I can fix the regulator issue. In fact Al just texted me that he has one laying around that I can use. The only concern left is my ability to paint something and not have it look like a grade school art project.
 Yesterday I sanded down the BSA tank. I'll prep and prime it this fall but Probably won't paint till this winter. The same goes for some other parts. I can wet sand inside but I just don't want to be outside rough sanding parts when its twenty below zero.


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