Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Workshop Wednesday: Bag-A-Nut

 This post may be a bit off the beaten path from what you're used to reading here. I had been riding the sporty to work without issue so nothing to report there except a lot of fresh air and vibrations. Instead I'll tell you about a product I tried the other day called Bag-a-Nut. The boss bought this gizmo to clean up acorns in his yard and he had limited results. He asked me to take it home and give it a try on walnuts.
 Last year this tree produced like two nuts. This year we've picked up a few garbage cans worth of the little suckers. Each nut picking session lasts about a half an hour and its mostly on my hands and knees. Not my idea of a good time. I would try to follow some type of pattern but I'd always have to backtrack to get them all. With the Bag-a-Nut, I just started at the base of the tree and walked outward in circles.

 In a matter of minutes the job was done. Others with more nuts in their yard have given it a try and claim they need multiple passes to even gain marginal results. Part of the reason is the limited height of that grey bar above the green fingers. Nuts that are too big bounce off that bar and land back on the ground. Another factor may be that after my last manual picking session, I cut the grass quite low to make picking more nuts easier. I plan to modify that grey bar to allow larger nuts to pass. Maybe that will help if the finger pattern is even wide enough for that sized nut.
 I think this may come in different versions designed for different sized nuts. I'm not really sure because I didn't research this thing to promote it. I just wanted to share my positive experience with a yard tool that you don't see every day.



  1. Looks similar to the device used to pick up golf balls on a driving range. The size of the gap between the pickup plates is also critical for best effectiveness. But it looks like it did a decent job on your walnuts.

  2. I moved that grey bar and opened up the gap today. The guy that complained about it not working very well now says it works pretty decent. Score!