Sunday, January 21, 2018

Just A Nudder Day

 I'm sitting here in my recliner wearing my slippers and tipping back a cool one. Its 4pm Saturday and the temperature is about 45 degrees. Yes, we're having a mini heat wave here in January. I just came in from my shop where I tinkered with that tool hutch, changed the oil on the BMW, checked the air pressure in Terrys van and did a once over on the old Dodge pickem up. Screw it. I've had enough for today and I'm just gonna chill out. I worked this morning and afterwards jacked up the wifes BMW to investigate a noise. I think its a wheel bearing and stopped at the local parts store on the way home to order one. I'll update you on how much it sucked to change that bearing some time next week.
 Our nut and bolt guy at work dropped off a special request bolt I need for the BSA. I'm counting that as having worked on a bike. Its really the only bike news I have except for today when I walked past the Ultra and refused to look at it for scratches from the fall it took. I'm still sick about that.
 I heard from Al that the guy doing the Subaru heads needed to order all new valves. All sixteen were bent when the timing belt broke. No word yet when they will come in and when he will have time to finish the job. In other Subaru news, when the car died we weren't sure what the plan would be for it. To be honest, I still don't know what the plan is except to get it running again but maybe it will become a trade in. Anyway, we paid off the loan. I guess I bought some type of insurance when we bought the car. That insurance would make car payments if I was out of work. I don't remember the details, hell I didn't even remember buying it until the other day when they sent us a reimbursement check because of the early payoff of the loan. It was a couple hundred bucks or so. Not life altering but a nice unexpected surprise.
 Diets come and go. I'm in a go phase right now, as in the diet is gone. Every time I go through one of these healthy eating kicks and eventually slack off on it, I retain at least one small part of it. Last spring I gave up a lot of stuff that I'm back to eating again except for soda. I haven't had any since maybe June. Thats gotta be a good thing. In related news, my beer consumption has gone up tenfold. Oh well. You win some you lose some.


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