Wednesday, January 3, 2018


  Dang its been cold. I don't mind winter but I don't care for this below zero crap. There are a few exceptions I suppose. The other night I was driving the car down a nice winding country back road. The sky was clear and the stars were bright. I pulled back the valance on the sun roof and let the light from the full moon shine in the car. I remember thinking if it were just 90 degrees warmer it would be a great night for a bike ride. Its not gonna be 90 degrees warmer for a looooong time.

 So how about them new year resolutions? Got any? I have a couple. First, but not foremost, is that I'm gonna try to be neater. Not in appearance. I mean less of a hoarder. That should be easy enough. When in doubt, throw it out. The other thing I want to accomplish this year is to be nicer to others. I know last year I promised to less of a dickhead (and I was so suck it). I'm looking to expand on that. Its easy enough not to blow up at people or have fun at others expense but I'm talking about just general niceness.  Yesterday morning I tried to act like a normal member of society. I made it a point to be extra special nice and it didn't hurt a bit. A warm hello for everyone, holding the door for others (ok it was the beer guy at the gas station so does that even count? Ya gotta make sure the beer gets chilled), a smile for strangers (that was tough and out of character) and so on. I'm gonna be so sweet you'll get a cavity just being near me. I'll be so nice I'll make Mister Rogers look like Mister T. You get the point.
 I wonder if this will be one of those resolutions that doesn't make it till the end of the month.


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