Sunday, March 17, 2019

Bad Customer Service?

 Friday night my wife and I found ourselves out of town and looking for a place to eat. I had fish fry on my mind and I think she was thinking more upscale than that. I parked the big ass station wagon on the main drag in Port Washington because we noticed a bunch of places to eat. We decided on Twisted Willow because my wife had heard some good things about it. We walked in and noticed right away the place was busy. Turns out they had some seating available on the third floor in their Treehouse Lounge so we started the climb. It was kinda weird like an upstairs apartment just converted to a bar with seating in each room. No complaints, just a different atmosphere.
 We ordered drinks and then our meals. It took a while to get the drinks but I didn't think much of it. My wife got her salad and I watched her eat the whole thing as I waited for my french onion soup. When the soup arrived my wife watched me eat it as we were waiting for our meals. I finished the soup and we waited longer. Finally our waitress walked up to the table apologizing about the delay claiming some mix up in the kitchen. Initially she had planned on holding the salad till the soup was ready but someone else brought the salad up without her knowing. Apparently she saw the soup sitting there and was waiting for the salad. Whatever, shit happens. The fact is that my wife claimed it was a great tasting caesar salad because of the use of bleu cheese. My french onion soup was delicious. Without any feed back from us the waitress announced the meal would be comped. Sweet! It wasn't like we were complaining or in a hurry. We had been engaged in conversation and while we were aware a lot of time had passed it wasn't a big deal. 
 The main course arrived and while it was palatable it should have been hotter. No big deal for me because I don't mind food thats just warm. Again, the taste and presentation were top notch. I ordered cheesecake to go and enjoyed it later that evening. 
 So initially you may think this is about bad customer service because of the delays and not-so-hot (but tasty) food. The waitress is the only person we had any interaction with and she did everything right. I assume she was caught in a situation she couldn't control and we didn't blame her for it. I don't know what actually happened but we are looking forward to giving them a second chance. The fact that we walked out only paying for a round of drinks and a tip probably has something to do with that attitude. I asked my wife if she would have rather paid full price and got a timely hot meal or have it the way it played out. We both agreed the scenario that we just experienced was fine. Let me know what your experience has been with this restaurant.



  1. I'm like you. I know 'shit happens' and it's all about how the staff handles it that's important. If the food was good I'd give them another shot for sure.

    1. We talked some more about it today and most definitely will go back. Probably sooner than later.