Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Next Project

 For quite a few years now the tent crew at work has been asking for a tent stake puller. They have a selection of manual type pullers including one I built from a hi-lift jack but now they want more power. The boss has agreed to us building something that will fit as a three point tractor attachment on a small John Deere we have.

I knew we had an old log splitter out back buried under the snow and agreed to start the project if they gathered up all the pieces and put them in my bay. I guess they're in a hurry for some progress because it didn't take long for parts to start appearing.

 I had a plan and discussed it with others in the shop and we all agreed it could work but after taking a closer look at what I have to work with I'm thinking about a design change. So basically this blog is just a teaser as no real progress has been made at all. I'll keep you posted.


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