Sunday, March 24, 2019

First Ride?

 Yesterday my wife decided we should do some couch shopping. I'm not opposed to replacing our worn out davenport, it looks like ass. My job is to say "yes dear" and work out the logistics of hauling a sofa. That meant walking out into the back yard and seeing if the ground was firm enough to support the big ass station wagon. I determined it was and the next step was to re-strap the Ultra in the trailer so I could pull it up into the driveway. I opened the door of the trailer and what I found disturbed me.

 Lots of moisture on the bike. I know it wasn't wet all winter but not sure how long it suffered this spring. I pulled the trailer onto the drive and rolled the bike out. It had been on a tender all winter so the big v-twin roared to life after just a few revolutions. Some of you know that I have an air ride suspension on this bike and unfortunately it ran a few seconds then shut off. That means the bike is not road worthy until fixed. We were in a hurry so I pulled the bike in the garage and we took off couch shopping. We didn't find anything we wanted but did manage to find a couple of big slabs of meat and some brandy old fashioneds.

 Today I'll have a little time to at least investigate the air ride problem. Maybe, just maybe I'll be able to go for a first ride of the season.


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