Sunday, May 5, 2019

Anniversary Getaway

 Thirty one years ago I was lucky enough to get a sweet woman to agree to marry me.  We're still together and the 7th of May will mark the official anniversary. We both felt we needed a weekend getaway and took a lot of suggestions but in the end agreed upon Galena Illinois.  It's far enough away that it feels like we really went somewhere but close enough not to eat up the whole weekend traveling. I had been through this area once on the bike and always thought  it would be a nice place for us to visit together.  
We arrived in time for lunch and found a nice place called Fried Green Tomatoes.  The food and service were great as well as the ambiance.  In fact the whole town is pretty cool if you like old architecture, rich history and small shops. I'm good for two of those three. 

 We took a trolley tour of the city and really enjoyed that as well. After pissin away the rest of the afternoon we had a great meal at a place called 1Eleven Main or something like that. Ya we splurged and the bill was over a nert but ya only have an anniversary once a year. Btw, fibs don't know how to mix a proper old fashioned.  What they do know is that a person shouldn't have to choose between soup or salad because it's so easy to just offer both! 

 For lodging we chose the Desoto House Hotel located right in the middle of everything this small town offers. The Desoto has a rich history and is the oldest operating hotel in the country and has it's own restaurants,  bar, shops and even a parking structure. You may pay less at other hotels but it's nice to park the car, have a few cocktails and be in walking distance of all the action. 

 Speaking of walking, the trolley tour guide made a big deal about these steps. Theres like two hundred of them leading to the top where theres a church and school maybe. As the evening progressed and I had a few libations I decided to see what all the fuss was about.

 It wasn't really a big deal, I mean they are concrete steps and a hand rail. Back in the day when they were crude planks I could see it being a pain to climb but now its just a few minutes out of the way to see a great night view of the city. Because of the trolley tour I was able to pick out a few key features like Ulysses S. Grants home.

 The experience was great but unfortunately we had a few issues with the room itself like problems trying to get the heating/cooling system below sauna temps and a broken toilet. When we checked out I handed the gal at the desk a comment card with these and a few other problems listed on it and she offered a free breakfast which we declined because we already ate. I kind of got the impression she thought we were just whining and looking for something for free. Whatever. We walked out to the parking garage when my wife got a message on her phone. I know what you're thinking but no it wasn't the front desk apologizing for the broke ass room they put us in. It was my wifes cousin Heidi who was asking if it was us she just spotted at the hotel. What a small world when relatives from two separate areas of the state coincidentally meet in another state. We had a nice although short visit and went on our way home. About an hour into the ride my wifes phone rang and this time it was the Hotel saying they were mortified at the situation and would comp the room. I guess when they saw I was filling the toilet tank from the shower with the garbage can they decided I wasn't just a whiner. They have earned a second chance at our business.



  1. Happy Anniversary!
    Alicia and I would have celebrated our 35th on 5/4 if I had not been such a fool the first time around. Now we wait till June.

  2. Happy Anniversary!
    I would have celebrated my 39th last February, unfortunately it didn't work out.

  3. Happy anniversary. Sounds like a cool little town.

    1. Thanks. Galena is the French(?) word for lead sulfide. They say the first settlers were just picking it up off the ground. That "lead rush" predated the gold rush by 20 years. See, I was paying attention on the trolley tour!