Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Photo Dump

Time to clean out my phones photo album again. Heres what was in there from this past week.

I'm tellin ya, drinkin beer and watching a robot cut the grass is gonna be the next big thing.

This was my "May the fourth" photo but I dicked it up and barely got that Vader fellow in the shot. Or was it supposed to be the "Live long and prosper" dude? Or that short green guy? Not sure.

Dad at a carving show in Oshkosh. On this table he is selling chunks of wood that have interesting grains. The far table has some of his finished works.

Thanks Brooke!

Sometimes the security cameras pick up the darndest things.

Good thing we didn't take the big ass station wagon to Galena last weekend. It wouldn't have cleared.

 And finally the bathroom remodel. I pick away at it maybe an hour a night. I'm guessing two more hours to get the rest of those tiles up.



  1. I think we need more photos of that far table.

  2. Did you ever take a series of pics on your phone and then find out they have disappeared? Its happened more than once to me. Maybe I just "think" I took the pics?