Wednesday, June 3, 2020

More Door DIY

 I spent last weekend a slave to a paint brush as I continued the front porch makeover. When I wasn't up and down a ladder flinging white paint I was in the garage painting doors. We like the green front door so much that we decided the side doors needed the same treatment. This is the old wood side door that is similar in age and design as the front door I showed you about a month ago. 

 The doors are really cool looking in design but the wood needed protection and the brown color is too drab. The dark area on the bottom was protected by the screen door. The lighter area above it doesn't look that way from sanding, rather sun fading. Here it is in green.

 ...and the front door getting a second coat...

 I could show you a pic of the other side door but it doesn't have the character of these old wood doors with their detailed design and imperfect glass. Its metal and has an oval window with fancy glass. You've seen them all over. A hundred years from now if its not rusted out nobody is gonna say "wow thats a cool door". Instead the question will probably be weather it goes to the dump or to the scrap metal recycler. The good news is that now that its green, we really like it.
 Theres one other door on the house that is still white and we're undecided if its gonna stay that way. Right now that door isn't even used because there is a toolbox sitting in front of it but we're looking at changing up the standard operating procedure around here at least as far as the garbage cans go. Now that the wood side door is done and I've installed a new screen door we have found its convenient to use that door and theres a good spot out there to hide the garbage cans. Those cans would be easy to access from my shop as well. The only downside to all this is its gonna eat up another full weekend cutting and laying sod, laying pavers and changing Mowbys boundary wire. 
 Home ownership really is a mixed bag of nuts don'tcha know.


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