Wednesday, June 10, 2020

More Of Grandpas Table Saw

 I've been talking about some DIY around the house and that includes plans to update my garage. Because one of the upgrades will be a painted floor, I've decided to look at the things I move around in there that might scratch that new paint. I remember being pissy when I scratched the painted floor in the heated shop and none of us wants a repeat of that performance. One of those scratchy things is Grandpas table saw. I never did get around to cleaning and painting the framework for the saw because I was in a hurry to get it running and have been using it ever since, so welding on it was no big deal. 
 The saw itself is a tabletop unit but the 1/4" thick angle iron framework makes this thing a beast to move around. That old motor is on the portly side as well.

 I put it on some furniture dollies and that made it easy to roll but I also rolled it right off the dollies a few times. Its built like a tank so there were no issues. What I wanted was rubber feet to protect the new floor and keep the machine stable while forcing wood through a dull blade.


 To make it mobile was just a matter of adding a couple wheels to one end and a handle on the other.

 Nothing fancy here, just slap some wheels on and push the thing out of my way. I wanted to move this across the garage and start insulating the walls so I just did the quickest, easiest thing I could think of. The wheels are mounted so they don't touch the ground until the other end is lifted up. This means its on all four rubber pads while in use.

The handle came off an old tool cart. Some times it pays to be a pack rat. 
 I'd given some thought to not putting the saw back into this big stand and may actually remove it some day. For now it seems to work out well to put my miter saw on top of it for use. These woodworking tools take up a lot of precious real estate in my garage and consolidated them is important. 


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