Sunday, June 21, 2020

So Much Stuff-Garage Makeover Part 2

 We're not gonna get into that whole part 2 or part 5 monkey business like last weekends post. Just know that this is a continuation of the same project. There is so much stuff in the garage and I have to keep moving it from wall to wall to gain access to each new phase. They postponed our citywide anything goes bulk pickup day this spring and thats gonna work in my favor cuz I plan to lighten the load and wasn't ready by the original earlier date. It just doesn't make sense to save a $5 part for fifteen years because I might need it some day. If I'm in the right mood on pickup day, there will be a big mess out by my curb (but not in my shop, garage, parts room or sheds).
 My plan is to get a lot of the stuff I am keeping to hang on the walls. I'm not quite to that stage yet but getting close. Check it out:


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