Sunday, June 14, 2020

Garage Makeover Part 1, Or 4?

 I've been telling you about my garage makeover for a couple weeks now so how is this part 1? If I called it part 2 you'd be wondering where part 1 is and never find it.  Here is a link to the last time I talked about it with the attic ladder and air compressor install, which is technically part 3, and a link to the post about replacing the garage doors which in part contains part 2, and also a link to the actual part one video where I add some support to the ceiling. I couldn't call that vid part 1 because at the time I didn't realize there would be any more parts. So this video called part one is really part 4 but I only talk about work and don't perform any so is it a part at all? You decide.


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