Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Four Days Off

  Last week I took off three days of work, er paid work, to do some work here at our house. As you know I brought home a lift and did all the trim and also painted the roof. I also did the high areas of the garage and now whats left is all ground work except for one small section. This week I'm taking off Thursday and Friday but I'm still not sure how my four day weekend will play out. I want to put some miles on the bike but I also have a long to-do list left to accomplish. I actually made a list and it fills all the lines on one of those legal pad sheets. Yikes. There are some things on that list that could eat up all of a four day weekend by themselves. I'll let you know how it turns out.

 In garage update news I can report that I used up some scrap materials to build a simple shelf above the workbench. Nothing fancy. Wait, whats a fancy shelf? A cabinet? 

 The single most used tool in the entire garage makeover was easily my Milwaukee drill/driver. Its an older one but still works fine. The problem is that I'm down to two small batteries and those are both falling apart. I think they've been dropped too many times. 

 One of them actually stops working because its falling apart. I was taping it up but that got to be a pain.

 Frikkin batteries are so expensive but I probably should just bite the bullet and replace these. Maybe I'll keep my eyes open for a bundle deal of a tool I need with multiple batteries.

 BTW, the second most used tool in the garage makeover is paint brushes. By the time I finish painting the outside of the garage I think paint brushes will be the most used tool for this project. Not very glamorous, no batteries required, no bluetooth or even any adjustments to be made but they sure do lay down the most impressive transformation. Low tech for the win.


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