Sunday, August 16, 2020

Garage Makeover Part 8-The Ceiling

  It seems like a boring topic but the ceiling turned out to be the single most expensive, time consuming and involved part of this makeover. When I started this project the ceiling was hardly on my radar but its actually the main hub of the entire makeover. Everything in this garage is an extension of the ceiling from the attic ladder to the lighting and even the garage doors. I'm glad this part is done.

 Yes its true a lot of extra labor went into the ceiling just to save some coin and I'm fine with that. Saving money on colored panels that had to be painted, second coated and then touched up after they were hung is all part of being a gearhead on a budget. Buying slightly damaged lumber at half price and giving some thought to how those pieces needed to be cut in order to work is also part of that deal. Like I said, I'm just happy to have this part of the project behind me. It feels like, and is, all downhill from here.


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