Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Moby Digger

  My automower Moby Dick earned the temporary nic name Moby Digger when he started burying himself under my bike trailer. I really shouldn't have run the wire under the trailer in the first place but at the time there was still grass under there. Now, without any sunlight or much water, its just dirt under there. His twisting and turning has only increased the problem and about a half dozen times now he has got himself stuck under there. Maybe he is burying silicon chips in the soft dirt, I dunno.

He isn't made for off roading and gets dummy hung every time. Geographically speaking we are in sand country here and its easy for him to dig a rut.

 I finally decided to just reroute the wire. Its not like its a big deal to do but finding time can be a challenge. Actually that may be an excuse because it was only a twenty minute job and that included bullshitting with the neighbor about a mole problem.

 I've had this idea that my sidewalk edging attachment might be a good tool for making quick trenches and this gave me an opportunity to test that theory.

 The Echo 58 volt detachable trimmer has been a great tool for my small yard. Any single task like grass trimming, sidewalk edging or hedge trimming can be done on a single battery charge. I have the handheld blower as well and leaf cleanup is the only job that requires battery swaps. Anyway, I made a quick trench with the edger attachment and dropped the wire in.

Quick and easy! I'm thinking I'll set something up at work with a wider blade. This will allow me to do some of the detail work with the edger instead of stopping short with the big trencher and finishing up by manually cutting a slit. I'm always looking for ways to be more efficient and build cost will be low because we have tons of shit laying around the shop thats just begging to become the next project.

 Now this is all the closer Moby can get to the trailer. No more playing sand crab and hiding from his chores! 


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