Wednesday, October 21, 2020

That Was Bullshit

  If you've been following my videos then you probably expect me to slap my bullshit button at some point and maybe you even try to figure out when its about to happen. I have two bullshit buttons. One at home and one on my work toolbox. The one at work gets slapped at the end of each day as I'm locking up the tool box. Some days it gets slapped more aggressively than others so its got some hard mileage on it. The light stopped working and I just assumed it was a bulb that burned out. The bullshit button at home quit flashing too but this one is a low mileage button only slapped by a mild mannered vlogger for Saturday video shoots. When you're out shopping for a BS button at the flea market or pawn shops this is the dent free one owner unit you hope to find so when the light quit working I decided to investigate.

 Sure enough I found a broken wire thats circled in the pic. I also noticed its an led, not a bulb so I'm guessing the shop button has the same problem. Sometimes that button gets slapped pretty hard.

  A two minute job to solder the broken wire...

 And now reassembled I took it for a test run.

 Thats NOT bullshit. Now I have a fully functioning button just waiting for an excuse to be slapped. Stay tuned.


1 comment:

  1. If I had that at work (back when I actually was employed) it would’ve gotten a lot of use!