Sunday, March 2, 2014

Mail Order Stuff

 My plan for yesterday was to do a little work on the sportster, take some pics and post the results here. That didn't happen. I spent the day with my wife. Our lives get so busy and we barely see each other some times so it was nice to hang out together for the day.
 This morning at 2 a.m. I had to go to work and plow snow. Then because my shovel dude didn't come in I had to cover his route. I got done about 10:30, picked up some chicken BBQ the local fire department was cooking up and headed home. It was delicious.
 I've been ordering some parts and a few have come in.

 I mentioned I was going to order a HID kit for the headlight. I changed my mind and just ordered a 5 3/4" light that accepts a H4 bulb. I chose a 100/80 watt bulb from Hella. This will work pretty good for now. If I decide I want more I'm not out much money.
 One of my goals was to beef up the front end. I'm waiting on a 4 piston caliper that was ordered a couple weeks ago. Not sure why its not here yet. I also purchased braided brake line. This combo is going to give me some decent braking power that this bike really needs. To prevent the bike from nose diving I also ordered Progressive fork springs. Seals and dust covers will also be arriving soon.
 In the electrical department I received my Badlands Auto Signal Shutoff. This will fix my biggest complaint with this bike...push and hold turn signals. The module has its own flasher unit and also has a 4-way flasher feature. I also ordered a voltage regulator because the three wire unit I cobbled on temporarily really isn't giving me the full potential of my stator.
 So for the next few weeks expect to see write-ups about the crap I just mentioned. I also have an idea for a sculpture of sorts on the sissy bar. Stay tuned.


  1. Hell Dude... That Processed Chicken has got to be better for you than that Genuine Artificially Simulated Yellow Dye #5 Cheese is on that McDouble Sandwich wouldn't one think! Don't worry about it, by the time you have consumed enough of it to do you real harm you will have died of something else!