Sunday, March 23, 2014

Packing Ultra Light part 2

 For the handful of you that actually look forward to these posts, I apologize this one is late. The reason is that I just returned from taking my daughter to start her adventure hiking the Appalachian Trail. Her article about how she packed can be found here.  For me it meant taking friday off from work to make the journey to Georgia to drop her off. The truth is I wish she wasn't doing this but that's just a father worrying about his daughter. I had fun on the road trip with my wife and enjoyed some warm weather.

 Here is my daughter weighing her pack at Amicola Falls State Park, Georgia. It came in at 35 pounds with food. She went as far as to cut off all her hair. Hair care products just add weight. Shes flying low drag with the same buzz cut my dad gave us every summer when we were kids. Set the razor to 1/4" and start cuttin. Her friend James who is hiking with her is carrying a 50 pound pack. I'm guessing his pack gets lighter in a few weeks

 A couple of young kids really excited about starting their adventure. You could see this excitement growing the closer we got to this point. It went from sleeping in the back seat to perking up and checking out everything they could take in as we got closer. I remember this feeling. Mostly from the military but I know what its like to spend a lot of time preparing for something, then wake up early and head out to an area your not familiar with.
 Things don't look like you pictured them but you know how to react to them because you are well prepared. I could tell these two were well prepared.

 After we said our goodbyes, my wife and I headed home. We didn't push it like I would on a bike. Halfway home we stopped in Paducah, KY for the night. We found some barbeque which was actually one of our roadtrip goals.

 If all goes according to plan we will see our daughter again in five months.

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