Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Workshop Wednesday-A Hint of Spring

 I'm in my little workshop trying to get things organized.  A long winter means I will have spent a lot of time in here and there are remnants of projects laying everywhere. Its easy to clean up but its also easy to save crap "just in case" I need it some day. I sometimes feel like I'm one bad decision away from ending up on an episode of Hoarders. I'm not walking around on top of stuff or saving garbage. I just need to tidy up a bit.
 My immediate goal is to clean off this desk. Here's a partial list of what I'm looking at. Stickers, light bulbs for bikes and cars, a tripod I made for taking video with the cell phone, a piece of aluminium for the bike, bushings, assorted pieces of shrink tubing from the tail light project, a screen protector for my phone, 3 flashlights, a hat, safety glasses, body filler, a bottle of Detail Doctor (approved by Danny "The Count" Koker)(I've only seen one episode of his show), a usb disc drive, another flashlight, a compass, mink oil for my boots, a stack of cds, a license plate frame from the sporty, a file, 4 drill bits, a belt from our clothes washer, a couple of bingo ink daubers (that's right, you got a problem with that?), an oil filter and some important looking paperwork.

 *there was a long pause here while I tossed some of this crap in the garbage can which is within arms reach. I also need to up the count on flashlights and drill bits.*

 I need to take my Mityvac brake bleeder to work to fix the brakes on a forklift. I'm looking at the empty box right now but have no idea where the tool is. The pump, hoses and the bottle are all missing. My guess is they are in a leak proof container because I know the bottle will have fluid residue in it and spill. I only kept the box so I could easily find the instructions. Obviously I didn't look everywhere or I would have found it, but I feel I've looked everywhere it should be. The garage isn't such a mess that its hiding under something. Actually the garage is in pretty good shape. This has happened before. A week from now I'll find what I was looking for. I don't know if its the onset of old timers disease or what.

 I have three computers that I need to get rid of...err recycle. They have exceeded the one year rule and the second year rule. That is, I haven't used them in a year so they should go but they are cool so they got a one year extension. I still didn't use them in the second year so bye bye computers. Here's the plan. Remove the circuit boards and give to someone that recycles that stuff. Check the memory to see if it fits anything I'm currently running,  smash the hard drives with a sledge hammer, toss the plastic pieces.

 My goal is to remove any unnecessary items from this room and make it more motorcycle friendly.I want to be able to get my lift table in here without it taking up all the free space. That means I need change the entire layout of the room. This old carpet should go. Heck, I might even slap a coat of paint on the walls.

 The really big news for the week is that I was able to take the rat turd out for a ride on Monday. I was impressed that the battery was still strong enough to fire the bike up and that the fuel wasn't sour. My "winterizing" effort was nothing more than finding a corner to stuff the bike into. The weather has turned to crap again but that short ride I took should hold me till spring actually gets here.


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