Sunday, March 9, 2014


 Saturday I was able to spend the day in my little workshop working on the sportster. I wanted to get started on this mess...

 The module on the frame backbone to the left is a Badlands Auto Turn Signal Flasher. The module on the right is a converter for the rear tail lights. It allows me to run the combination brake/turn signal tail lights rather than the stock separate turn signals that came from the Motor Company.
 The modules are wired in and everything works the way it should. I haven't finished the wiring cleanup yet because I need to order a front brake light switch and that comes with long leads that will have to be wired in near the steering neck.

 I mounted the 5 3/4" headlight with its 100/80 watt bulb. I had been looking for the right material to make some bushings but everything at the hardware stores was thin wall tubing. I wanted something with a little more beef to it.
 I found what I was looking for at work when Greg was repairing an extending pole saw. This saw telescopes in and out and has about three different sized aluminum tubes in it. All of them are thick wall tubing. Score! Rescued even before it hit the dumpster! There are a few other places on the bike where I can use this tubing.

 I need to make a trip to the hardware store and pick up a new soldering iron tip.

 The tip broke before I was finished for the day. I found that if I kinda got the ends to touch I was able to get it warm enough to melt the solder. Then I just kept a puddle going where the break was. Ya, I know but you do what you got to do to get by.

In other wiring related news, today I'm going to wire in my new voltage regulator. Its actually a regulator that belongs on this bike. The one on there now was installed as temporary repair.

 I'm looking forward to making this a gremlin-free zone. Too many wires and some aren't even hooked up to anything. Hey, it worked in a pinch and I'd do it again but its time to get this cleaned up. This is one area where the factory look will do just fine.

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