Sunday, August 3, 2014

Random Thoughts

   I saw a poster for a charity walk to help find a cure for alzheimers disease. I forgot the date and missed the event. Instead I spent saturday afternoon working on the sportster. Things were getting frustrating trying to remove the rear wheel bearing races. I started getting a bit side-tracked. Between the lights and wiring, clutch, primary cover and a bunch of other details, I was feeling overwhelmed.

 I decided to put my feet up and just reflect on what I had going on here. This ain't no show bike. Its a daily rider that has to be reliable. I don't have a puller that will yank the rear wheel bearing races so that will have to wait for now. Maybe a little heat will help get those races out. This got me thinking about heat, why do people call them hot water heaters? If the water was hot, it wouldn't need to be heated.

 The best way for me to clear my head is to go for a ride. I threw a leg over the Rat Turd and flew away. The circus is in town. I drove past the entrance and a sign said "Fair Parking".  I wanted the good parking but was never able to find it. Are they trying to keep it a secret? Put up a nice big sign for all levels of parking.

I headed back home refreshed from my ride but sadly couldn't stay focused.


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  1. haha what drug did you take this day exactly?