Thursday, August 20, 2015

Dragon Loop

I woke up early this morning to threatening looking clouds. The motel here has a pavilion on one end that is set up pretty nice as a gathering spot. For the first time I noticed there was a TV and a cable box. My plan was to find the weather channel but I was surprised to find my favorite detective on the tube. I enjoyed an episode of Columbo while the others woke for the day. By the time we decided to head out the sun was shining.
As we climbed up the parkway I was wondering if I would need my rain gear. I kept rolling and continued through the smokey mountain national park. Traffic wasn't an issue and we had a nice ride all the way to sugarlands visitor center.
We still didn't get wet despite dark skies and radar reports that only a farmer would want. In fact it pretty much rained everytime we got off the bikes. It's becoming a theme for the week and we find ourselves laughing whenever the clouds weep on us.
The next run was the Foothills parkway where we were chased by a swarm of Smart Cars. There's a club for everything I guess.
We got on US129 a twisted our way up to the tail of the dragon store where we took up a seat and watched the bikes come and go. Believe it or not this is a lot of fun. The bullshitting continued till we realized we had a long ride home and still had to find dinner.
We got on 28 or, as they people trying to commercialize the area even more call it, Hellbender 28 and enjoyed more twisty scenery.
As I post this we are in Waynesville at a place called "nick and nates". Frank and I just sampled a bunch a local specialty brews to wash down our pizza. Relaxing with friends after a day of riding really is nice.

I wonder if Frank knows there's a dragon behind him?

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