Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Rat Tank

 I've been posting a lot about being on the road with the new bike. That's true but I've also been finding time to work on the Rat Turd fuel tank.

 Here I'm slapping a fresh coat of bedliner on the tank. It actually welded up pretty decent and could have looked respectable with standard paint but I wanted to keep the same feel I have on the rest of the bike with the Herculiner coating. The one and only time I'm outside working with my slippers on and the wife snaps a pic. Oh well.

 Any pussy can add a barbed wire pin stripe. Try adding the real thing! What a pain in the ass. I want to say "never again" with the barbed wire but I still have a piece of the exhaust I want to wrap.

 I'm not gonna wrap the smaller tank. It's way too close to the family jewels and I don't want to tear every pair of pants I happen to be wearing when I ride this bike.

 So far I'm happy with the tank. It certainly is a one of a kind piece. Ya I know it's a little goofy but that's the whole point. It's nice to just do whatever I feel on this bike and not give a shit about what it looks like.
 Btw, I upgraded this HP laptop from windows 8.1 to windows 10. So far it has been the worst computing experience of my life. I've thrown away laptops that ran better than this. I had to finish this post on a trusty old relic running xubuntu. Later.

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