Friday, August 21, 2015


Yesterday our group left the Wheels Through Time museum but I stayed behind. It's one thing to look at stuff with friends but what I needed was to explore a few things on my own. Things that may not seem interesting to everyone else. For example I asked myself the question "what is hi tech?" Every motorcycle in that museum was the latest and greatest of its day when they were purchased new. A battery powered headlight was a huge improvement over kerosene 

powered lamps but those headlights aren't hi tech anymore. My bike has a LED headlight that seems great now till something else comes along. So when the next generation of lighting is introduced will that make my Ultra Limited  low tech?
I think I have it good now with my hi tech gadgets but you know even the guys that bought a new AMF Harley back in the day felt good about their purchases.
A lot of things we use every day are just refined versions of an option offered decades ago. Maybe that's all hi tech really is. Just the latest version of an old idea. What about new ideas?  Are they hi tech if they just perform a simple function?
I'm not writing this to provide any answers. It's just stuff I like thinking about and I had a good time at the museum imagining what the designers of those old bikes might have been thinking.
I put about 600 miles behind me today. I'm shacked up in Illinois for the night and I'll continue toward home in the morning. If tomorrows ride is as uneventful as today, it will turn out to be a good trip. I needed a pic and hadn't taken any today. This guy was in my picture album so I'll give his 15 minutes of fame.

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