Sunday, August 16, 2015

Murphy, NC

Today's ride was better than 100 miles less in mileage than yesterday but it took much longer. Not because it was dinkin around. No, I was on the bike all day. Gas and bathroom breaks were it. It was longer because I stayed off the interstate.
Leaving paducah I headed southeast to the "land between the lakes". It was early and I was about the only one on the road. I saw a heard of bison, some deer, turkeys and what quite possibly was a squirrel wearing a red bandana. There were a lot of hawks and other big birds cleaning up the evenings road kill.
My route took me through a lot of rural kentucky and tennesee. It's kinda funny. Back home our twisty back roads are just called "roads" here. Living on the side of a hill seems like a real pain in the ass but round these parts I reckon they have no choice. I'll tell you what. Yall talk funny down here.
I stopped at a light today and thought the bike was on fire. Turns out the bike was fine. It's just effin hot here. Then, ten miles later I was putting my rain gear on. It rained hard. I mean like pussy cagers pulling over cuz they couldn't see. I admit for a minute I was concerned about hydro planing but that's never actually happened to me on a bike. The cycle of hot sun and hard rain continued all afternoon. I arrived at the hotel dry.
It's time to find me some viddles.

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