Wednesday, August 26, 2015

J&P Cycles

 Well this is not how I planned to start the day.

 Little things are bothering me this morning. My work boots don't feel right and are suddenly hurting my feet. Also I think there may be a dryer sheet wadded up under my sweatshirt but I have no desire to explore the situation.
 To add to my pissy mood I've been thinking about the back rest on my bike. You know I like making my own parts. Obviously that aint gonna fly on a new bike if I'm looking to replace the seat. I've ordered from J&P Cycles in the past and have enjoyed some good pricing and speedy service so I ordered a new Mustang heated seat from them. The seat was delivered on time but when I ordered the back rest I had a very different experience.
 After two weeks I still hadn't seen the back rest. I got online and did a live chat with one of their associates. I was told two more weeks and I'd see my back rest. I expressed concern that I needed the part before I left on vacation and was told I'd be notified if the part went on back order.
 Two more weeks passed and still no package sitting by my door. I did a live chat again and this time after pleading my case I was told they would investigate the delay. The next day I received a generic email stating the part wasn't in and I could cancel my order if I wanted. This didn't settle well with me. I called Mustang and found out J&P wasn't gonna get the back rest till after I left for vacation. I replied to J&P with a nastygram explaining the whole situation and questioned why I could find out on my own when the part was coming but they couldn't bother to tell me when, or figure out when, the part was coming.
 I was facing a 2900 mile week on the new bike and really wanted that back rest. Ya, I've done the trip on a cast iron tractor seat with no back rest but I'm cruising in comfort this year. I only had a weekish left before I was to leave.
 The response to my nastygram was handled in a very professional manner. I got the customer service I expected the first time. Kind of like the customer service I got on my fourth attempt with the cable company to handle an issue. I guess it all depends who you get when you call them. In the first live chat I got someone that really didn't go that extra mile. The second live chat gave me someone that wanted to help but for whatever reason also didn't go that extra mile. The rep that got my nastygram wanted to fix the problem. She hooked me up with a competitor that had the part in stock and then offered me a $50 gift card for my troubles.
 That was good customer service. They apologized for the mistake and fixed the problem in time for my trip. The backrest worked well and I'm glad I made a big stink to get it in time. I had every intention to order from them again but the problem is that they never sent me the gift card. The $50 isn't gonna make or break me but why make that promise and not follow through? I don't care to be lied to so I'm done with J&P Cycles. They do not get the Greasy Shop Rag stamp of approval.
 So there, I've got that off my chest and now my boots aren't hurting my feet as much anymore. Have a wonderful day.

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  1. I work in the marketing department at J&P Cycles and want to rectify your gift card issue. I checked your account in our system and see that a gift card for $50 was pulled for you on Aug. 7 and has not shipped yet, but I will find out why it hasn't and get back to you via the email on your account.