Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Pisgah for Lunch

Today we decided to ride the Blue Ridge parkway to the Pisgah Inn. The sun was shining when we left Maggie Valley but we quickly climbed into a cloud. I was leading and decided to pull over and get the gear on. The rain gear was really more about keeping warm. I don't think we got much more than a brief sprinkle the entire time we were up there but we did have to negotiate a lot of fog. Lunch was good as always and the view was spectacular.
On the ride back Dan and I decided to stop at Waterrock Knob. What we found there was a couple from Michigan on a Kawasaki Vulcan towing a trailer. They were having problems getting the bike running and sadly they were still broke down when we left despite our efforts to help. I regret not bringing more tools than what Harley provided with my bike. When we left they were on the phone with their insurance company arranging a tow and in a place where they weren't  stranded alone. I spent the rest of the afternoon thinking about what might have been wrong with their bike.
As I write this from the motel it is starting to rain. These little bursts of rain have been going on for a few days and we have been lucky enough not to be on the bikes when they hit.
Gotta run. It's time to decide where we'll ride to for dinner.

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