Wednesday, June 8, 2016


 I enjoy grilling burgers and such. My grill is a charcoal unit that is built pretty heavy. It's old but has a lot of life left in it I suppose despite the fact that I rescued it from being scrapped. The problem is that it's always a hassle. First I have to plan if there is charcoal and lighter fluid available. Then I have this stupid ritual where I lay out fifteen rows of five briquettes, douse them in lighter fluid and fire it up. Then you gotta wait for the coals to heat up. It's just not fast paced enough for me. I've desired a gas grill for quite a while now and my wife and daughters knew it.  They decided Fathers Day would be a good opportunity for me to get one. Due to the logistics of getting a grill home from the store, I was actually involved in the purchase which came last weekend. Ya its early but I'm worth it.
 For the last three nights I've thrown something on the grill for dinner.

 The wife says my Fathers day gift would have been a perfect Mothers day gift because she isn't doing all the cooking now. Whatevs. Thanks Honey and kids for the grill!
 Here are some other flames I saw this week.



  1. I have both a charcoal grill and a gas grill. We love the gas grill for the convenience of it. Being able to turn it on and off is great. But when we're serious about something, we'll use the charcoal. For us, it's just better. Instead of lighter fluid though, we use a charcoal chimney to get our coals going. It's an amazing little device that removes the lighter fluid flavor from the grilling equation.

  2. Looking pretty good. I also have both and depending on the food being prepared will pick one or the other. I also use a chimney starter for the charcoal and am still amazed at how well it works.