Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Workshop Wednesday-EFI

 I reported a while back that Husqvarna has computerized some of their chainsaws. We can connect a laptop and check trouble codes, run tests along with viewing the running history of the machine. It is the future of small engines until something more environmentally friendly comes along.
 Your next lawn mower may be the same way. EFI small engines have been around a few years but I am first being exposed to them now as Husqvarna is using efi engines in some of their zero turn mowers.
 I do the 2 cycle engine repairs at the shop but I was volunteered to do the troubleshooting on this project. Partly because I had the time to load and learn the software and partly because I already had a laptop setup for running other shop software and partly because I like this kind of techy crap.

 The program for troubleshooting this Kohler engine seems very complete. We can monitor every part of the efi system, check codes, log data, set event triggers, access service manuals and so on. In this particular case the MIL (malfunction indicator light) was on but there were no codes stored. Turns out the system is very complete but can't diagnose every problem. For that we needed old fashioned common sense. If the computer says the engine is ok then the problem must be elsewhere. Sure enough, the MIL light had a wire pinched during assembly and was illuminating.

 In other news...the big talk in the shop yesterday was a high speed motorcycle chase. My work space is the closest to the road intersection and I could hear a loud sport bike coming down the road. As it turns out we had a guy running a back hoe in the yard and he heard the bike too. Pretty loud. The rider blew the stop sign and headed down the hiway. Pinned throttle through 6 gears for as long as I could hear him. The sound of the local cops siren finally drowned out the sweet sound of an inline four at full tilt. I have no idea how this story ends but I like that the "big news" in this small town is nothing more than some guy up to shenanigans on his bike.


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