Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Yesterday in Review

 Yesterday was the first day of summer. It was also my brothers birthday. After work I was enjoying my ride home on the sportster and decided to stop by and pay him a visit. He wasn't home but I was directed to his location. I found him at a nearby driving range.

 When I was in high school I was on the golf team. I sucked then and 30+ years later I still suck but with the added bonus of a backache. No matter, I had good time hitting a bucket of balls with Thomas J.
 When I got home the goal was to check out a lawn mower I picked up the other day. I had been thinking about getting a twin blade 30" Toro walk behind and our lawn mower tech at work knew it. When a really clean 30" rider came in on trade he showed it to me and I jumped on the deal. I don't need a rider for my small yard but sometimes you just gotta answer the door when opportunity knocks.

 Besides, if I mount a big orange flag on it and remove the mower deck, I should be able to use it like a mobility scooter. Er no?
 In other news, I have been experimenting with my new grill that the wife and kids got me.

 These are square hamburger patties with a big long chunk of cheese laid down the center. The burger is then rolled up and pinched off at the ends to seal the cheese in. The idea is to eat them in hot dog buns. They were tasty but a pain to cook without having a cheese blowout. The garnish on the side burner is onion and bacon because if I screw up whats on the grill, I can still save it by sprinkling bacon all over it. That's right, everything is better with bacon. I should probably sprinkle some bacon on this blog.


  1. "I still suck but with the bonus of a backache". Hear hear!

  2. Mmm, Blog Bacon... That just might be your million dollar idea there, Scott. ;-)