Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Is It Wednesday Already?

  On one hand it feels like the work week is flying by because I had Monday off. On the other hand the week is going slow because my wife is vacationing in Canada while I hold down the fort. If you read this I hope you're having a great time visiting your aunt!
 Here is one way I pass the time in my home workshop.

 My '67 BSA Lightning is in pieces right now. I tore it apart before I really had a plan of how it would look when it was done. That means to visualize the bike I have to look at this pic on my puter. Yep, feet up, squeezing my brain muscles trying to get some good ideas out. One thing came out for sure, I know the bike will be blacked out and I started with the engine.

 Here are all the major pieces of the engine in their natural aluminum color. Yuk. Why yuk? Because if you google '67 BSA, every picture of every engine is the same. Oh sure some have more or less paint on the cylinders but that's it. This isn't a restoration so I don't have to be a lemming here.
Here is the engine after applying Eastwoods two part ceramic high temp paint.

 One can wasn't enough and I had to order more so I can finish. The paint comes in a special can that allows you to puncture an inner can and mix the activator with the ceramic coating. I like the way it went on, now I just hope its as durable as the reviews claim.
 The frame is already painted but the forks and swing arm are not. I think I'm at the stage where I need to paint some key pieces and then mock the bike up a bit. I have a few ideas for the rear fender and mufflers and I'm not sure if the frame needs to be modified. I guess I just don't have the vision to hack away at these pieces just from a picture.
 My goal is to have this bike done by September. Right now I just don't have a vision of the completed bike to believe I can achieve that goal. I guess part of the problem is that I refuse to work on it just to meet a schedule. The good news is that the more I write about it in this blog, the more motivated I become. The other good news is that it's possible to have the bike assembled but not finished. Come to think of it, all my bikes are like that.



  1. Thanks for the share, love reading your blog!

  2. its late but i enjoy following. BSA motivation...yes! imagine the twisted grin on the ole' mans face when you pull up to his place on that scooter.Hope the go pro is rolling