Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Bike Don't Need Nuttin

 On Mothers Day my wife and I got out for a ride.

 One of our daughters called and my wife asked me to pull over so she could call her back. I did, and as they were conversing I was looking over the bike. No obvious issues and I started wondering what the bike needed in the way of farkles.

 I couldn't come up with anything. I think I may have this bad boy set up just the way I want it. Ya I know it needs tires and regular maintenance and one other thing...

 A bath!  This bike hasn't been washed in 2017 yet. I really need to get after that.

 Yesterday temps jumped to dang near 80 something degrees. When I got home from work we decided it would be best to skip a home meal and get on the Ultra and forage for food. We're at that stage in our lives when we aren't tied down by much of anything. The kids are out of the house, we're not geriatric, and I can still hold the big bike up. That means if we want to go on a week night dinner ride, well then we will and nothing will get in the way.
 The sportster hasn't seen much use lately and the rat turd is still in the living room. The BSA project seems to be in a holding pattern again. I guess it's just that time of year when those bikes won't see much action.


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