Wednesday, May 10, 2017

More Random Phone Pics

 I was able to put a few miles on the Ultra this weekend. Even took my wife for her first ride of the season. Even though the sun was shining, it was a bit cool. She wore a heated vest and I had the heated grips turned on. Take it or leave it, that's really the only motorcycle news I have to offer.

 I was thumbing through the pics in my phone cleaning out the garbage when I wondered how many of these pics were of a positive nature and how many were negative. I guess it was a pretty even mix. Turns out I use the phone a lot as a tool to record work related events. Take a pic rather than look for pen and paper to make a note. A lot of those "notes" are records of why a customers equipment is broken.

 Ya the air filter wasn't doing much on this saw. If I remember right it was just sitting there not clamped in. There were about ten different dirty intake pics in there. A lot of people have no clue and if it starts next time they need it well then thats just bonus.
 Sometimes things go as planned and it just seems like a good idea to record the moment.

 Other times I'm not so sure if what I'm experiencing is good or bad so I take a pic so I can decide later. This one is just fun...

 And this one I'm still not sure about...

 Other times a short video is needed. They were gonna throw this guy in the garbage so I adopted him and stuck him on my bench, I still don't know who added the doinker on him. The footage is shaky because I'm laughing so hard. Ya I know but grade school humor is the best.



  1. I love 'em--especially the last two pics and the video... :D :D :D

  2. I don't know how the customer tore his fender open or why we have a stuffed tiger in the shop but I thought it was pretty creative of the tech to put the two together.