Sunday, May 28, 2017

Grocery Getter

 Low sleek sporty looking bikes are cool but they just can't get the daily chores done like a bagger can.

 And that right there is the dilemma. I hacked the rack off the back of the sportster and now I can't even haul a pizza on that bike. Light narrow bikes are fun to ride but impractical. Basically all I can do with that bike is "ride around" which is fine but eliminates the ability to multi task. Lets say I need some grub bigger than my bacpac from a tavern 18 miles away. Many times I'll take the fifty mile route just to get a nice ride in.  I suppose I could fold the pizza in half and put it in a bacpac but in my high class world of beer in a can and dinner in a cardboard box, that's really just unacceptable. As you can see I'm sticking to my healthy eating habits of diet beer and a small pizza.
 The subject came up the other day about how much longer the Rat Turd was gonna be sitting in the living room. Well Honey that's an excellent question and I'm glad you brought your concern to my attention. These matters can't be pushed off and must be addressed in a swift timely fashion in a way that best suites all parties involved. I'm gonna give your request my fullest attention, weigh the options and get back to you with an answer just as soon as I have one. Initial thoughts include putting the bike in the garage but I hate to rush into a hasty decision.


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