Sunday, January 6, 2019

High 40's Plus Three

 Wow we had some nice weather yesterday. I worked half the day and when I got home there was an hour of Honey-Do list that had to be accomplished but after that I was outside. The weather was so nice that I was comfortable in just a short sleeve shirt, in January! First on the agenda was an oil change for the big ass station wagon. After that I rolled around on a creeper with a flashlight looking at the underside, checking for loose bolts on the lift kit install and any other visual problems. I knew about a torn cv shaft boot and there is still some grease left in it that hasn't been flung all over the underside of the truck. I knew there was a very slow brake fluid leak and found some moisture on the front left brake caliper. Gonna have to pick one of those up soon.
 While creeping around I noticed a wire loom hanging down and rubbing on the front drive shaft.

 The plastic loom was rubbed through and one wire had the insulation worn off. This means that wire was grounding on the drive shaft. The repair was simple but I wonder what that wire does? Never had any running issues but now that I'm writing this I remember having a code for a heater switch or something. I need to go back and look but I wonder if this loom runs to the rear heating controls.
 Once I rolled to the back of the truck I could see the fuel tank vent hanging down. When I say it was hanging low I mean it looked like it could have started a siphon and drained the tank. This also explains why I couldn't completely fill the tank the last few times at the pump. A drill bit and some zip ties got me back into "like new" condition. The lesson here is that all those little clues mean something.

 I write this blog twice a week. Some new readers arrive here via a link I post on facebook. That means they see that post and only see older material if they go out of their way to investigate. Personally I don't see that happening so I'll take this opportunity to do kind of a 2018 year end wrap up that links to a few of my favorites. I think one year I did a top ten list from the previous year but I won't put you through that much bullshit. I picked these three from last year mainly because they aren't the regular motorcycle or work related stuff I usually post.

"Headlight Adjustment" is a story from January about some issues I had at a car dealer.
"Runaway Lemonade!" is a story about my first visit to an Arbys restaurant.
"House Rules" is just a lousy set of rules I posted when our niece Stefany moved in with us.



  1. Having reading your blog from early on I just went back and read a few from 2013. Selling the Aprilla was one and it reminded me of how we got the names of the Hooligans and how we now just drag more hard parts.

  2. I liked that bike. Add it to the list of bikes that I should have kept. As far as being hooligans, for me I think its more about exploring the limits of whatever you're riding. Of course on a bike like the Aprilla my limits show earlier than the bikes limits but its fun trying to get there.