Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Week Four

 Not much interesting to report today. I'm writing this Tuesday night because we are suppose to be in the middle of a big snow storm. They keep pushing the timing back but I'm scheduled to go in and start plowing at 3am. Technically the ride in should be one of those times when I want a big ass station wagon to negotiate the deep snow. We'll see how much actually comes down but I'm thinking they may have over estimated this one.
 I've got some back problems and if I'm on my feet too long it really bothers me. My boss doesn't mind me sitting on a stool while I do chainsaw repair and it seems like its just enough relief to get me through a day. I guess I use it a lot cuz it looks pretty rough and has recently been upgraded.

   One of the guys in the shop was working on a truck that had a leaky air line under the cab. I don't know how the hell he got under here or why he thought this was the best approach but there he is. I tried sticking my head under there to see what he had been working on and could barely fit in there. It looks like a back breaking job. Yes, some of the guys in the shop were throwing things at his nutz.

 The insurance adjuster got back to me and approved $5100 worth of deer damage repair to the big ass station wagon. I'll have to kick in my $1000 deductible so they're sending a check for $4100. It still runs and the bent radiator hasn't developed any leaks yet. Hopefully it makes it to the first week of February when it goes in for the repair.

   And finally a few words about the NFL. I watched the Saints get beat by the Rams but most likely that happened because of bad officiating. I really hate it when games are decided like this as was the case six years ago when the Green Bay Packers were cheated out of a victory. They need to put a system in place that allows for correcting these calls, or in this case a non-call. I'm not a Saints fan but I'm bitter enough about it that I probably won't even watch the super bowl this year.



  1. Yeah, the bad back sucks, mine's been acting up lately and just have to get thru it. As to the game, Fox switched stations here a while back and we no longer get their signal. Kind of sucks, but with the whole CTE thing, it's a lot harder to enjoy the game like I used to. And don't get me wrong, I played football in H.S. and Jr. College, got beat up a lot cause I was big and slow, but still loved the game and continued to watch it for years after. But now it's such a big business and the rules so complex, well it's just not the same anymore. That play did suck, but the whole system needs to be looked at when things like that can occur in such an important game. Good luck with your back. Take two aspirin and sleep with a pillow under your knees.

  2. Thanks. I'll sleep good for a while tonight. Just did a 14 hour shift plowing, got home and snow blowed the drive. Now I get 5 hours of sleep and get to go out plowing again.

  3. Hope you manage the storm well Scott. Listened to farm news on an Eau Claire station this morning and was very surprised to hear that Mad and Mil were still getting snow; thought the system had moved on.

    We've mostly had one non-event snow after another around here and we must be close to a record for bare ground.

    1. Ya just when we thought we had everything cleaned up it started snowing again. Today was another 11 hours. Because the businesses had cars parked in them a cleanup crew will come in at 1am. I like plowing but events like this make it easy to lose track of what day it is.