Sunday, April 26, 2020

435x Automower In Retention Pond

 No the title isn't click bait. The mower is in a retention pond, its just not below the water level of that pond. Eventually I'll want to create some type of automatic switching system that parks the machine when the water level rises but for now that will have to be done manually.
 I'm getting ahead of myself so let me back up a bit. Not long ago I showed you an unboxing of the new Husqvarna 435x Automower. This is an AWD articulated lawn mower that is capable of mowing steep, rough terrain. That mower I showed you is now installed at the shop and taking care of our mowing needs in the front yard and a retention pond. If you want the official specs of the machine you can find them on Husqvarnas website.
 The video shows some of the machines capabilities. Check it out:


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