Wednesday, April 22, 2020


 Ya go through life dealing with little problems and thinking "Some day I'll fix that." If you're job isn't essential and you're sitting at home playing Pong or Donkey Kong then you are missing an opportunity. Yes the whole covid19 situation sucks but if there is any silver lining its that we can catch up on those projects that seem to elude us. Stupid simple projects like the one I'm gonna show you will make things easier at home. Here is the problem.

 I wear uniforms at work and they obviously come on hangers. Two hangers per day times six days times 4 weeks...well you get the point. The uniform company takes them back but getting them there can be a hassle. They get tangled up, snag the fine upholstery in the big ass station wagon and then have to be unscrambled to get them on the rack at work. I've tried zip tying them, tape, even sliding them over a pizza box but its always a pain in the ass.

 Theres a hundred ways I could have made this thing, whether it be wood or metal but I finally decided on using up the scraps from one of my last projects. If you've been following this blog then you probably guessed correctly that the scraps were already laying in plain site on the ground where they landed when they came of Grandpas table saw.

 Grooves, glue and screws. Add some paint left over from the Triple Rack project and ta-da!

 Its amazing how the mind works. Its stupid simple but I already see areas that could use improvement. Its a hanger holder, it doesn't need bluetooth or custom paint, yet I wish I would have thought out the handle better before gluing it in. You know I'm not taking that thing in to work till its almost overfilled and that means if it tips over in the big ass station wagon I'll have a mess. That handle could have doubled as a stop or catch to lock the hangers in...and depending on how long we're stuck at home it might get modified.


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