Sunday, August 10, 2014

One More Week

 I've got the sportster back on the road. In an effort to make the bike less appealing to gremlins I replaced the clutch, installed new wheel bearings, rear brake pads and new tires. I did a few other little things like adding a power port and Progressive rear shocks. I still need to sort out an electrical issue that popped up yesterday. My fuel gauge quit working. No big deal as I haven't had a working fuel gauge in over ten years. Now that I think of it, the gauge doesn't work in my car either.

 Yesterday I rode about 300 miles. The bike held up well and nothing fell off. Actually the bike held up better than I did. I got home after dark but was only dressed for the warm sunny weather I was exposed to when I left. The part of me that wants to just throw a leg and ride won over common sense.
 A short part of yesterdays ride included a stretch that follows along a river. The bugs were thick.

 My vacation plan is to follow the Mississippi river south to Tennessee. I better pack plenty of rags and lens cleaner.
 My "to do" list is getting shorter. I still need to do the most important thing and thats to assemble a tool kit for the bike.
 In other news, our daughter Squag is back home from her hike on the Appalacian trail. She had a good time. So far the stories I've heard can be categorized  into "bears" "snakes" and "spiders". I'll try to get her to share some stories on this blog.


  1. My grand plans for not using the 'slab in Indiana got thrown out the door. Rode '65 from Illinois to '64 in Kentucky. Construction south of Indy heavy between Seymour and state line. Discovered US25E in Corbin, KY rode it until I hit NC209-very sweet! '209 ended around US276 in Waynesville, NC. A LOT of twisties! Highly recommend BUGSLIDE! discovered it while in OK-been using it since! Glad to hear your girl is back safe and sound!
    Iron Vaquero

  2. Thanks for the tips. I'll watch for Bugslide but until then I'm gonna use lemon pledge wipes for my face shield. Plexus used to be a favorite but they don't stock it locally anymore.