Sunday, August 17, 2014


The tone for day two was set on the evening of day one. Scott and I were messing around with our gps units. Scott B. rides a bmw so nothing but the best good enough for him. He has the latest and greatest motorcycle gps made by garmin. ( I'm just bustin his balls. He works hard for his stuff just like the rest of us) I told him I wanted to leave his house by 8am and arrive in paducah by 4. The gps said I could do it but it doesn't figure in the extra fuel stops a bike needs, rest breaks and of course the "sportster factor". Before I left he seemed pretty concerned that I wouldn't be able to prove what time I arrived here. Well the proof is in the picture.
I suppose a lot of people wouldn't consider an 8 hour ride with just splash and go fuel stops to be much of a vacation. Well, it's my vacation and I had a good day.
I had the first problem with the sportster today. While I had my feet on the rear passenger pegs to stretch my legs the front left foot peg decided to go on it's own vacation. I was able to catch it with my boot until I could pull over and bolt it back on. The gps didn't factor in time for that either.
I have absolutely no plans for tomorrow. I'll check the radar tomorrow and plan a route around the storm clouds.

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