Saturday, August 23, 2014

The Road

I'm sitting in a sports bar within walking distance of my motel room. A rack of ribs and a few cold beers have taken up residence in my stomach. When I look back at the day on the road and wonder what to report, the first thing that comes to mind is the bike. It's an '89 sportster with a '99 engine. The engine has a big bore kit and now displaces 1250cc. I converted the new motor to chain drive and changed the gearing a bit. It's pretty much stock as far as everything else goes.
When I left Maggie Valley this morning it was cool. I ran into some fog on I 40 and then hard rain. Later the sun came out and dried out both me and the bike. This happened three times today as I pushed the buzzing Harley closer and closer to home.
The afternoon was unusually hot at over a hundred degrees. I kept pushing the little hog. Not fast enough to land in jail, but fast enough that not too many people were passing me. Splash and go fuel stops and an occasional rest stop to check on the progress of a big storm moving across Illinois was the tone of the day.
What I want to report is that the bike ran perfect despite the abuse. Not one hiccup or hot start problem. No funny noises or unusual vibrations.
It's not a big fancy touring rig like the dozens I saw on the road today but it makes me smile when I think about where this little bike has taken me this week.
Thanks Honey for the anniversary present.

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