Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Workshop Wednesday-Work

 Work sucks. Not because I don't like my job. The fact is I really like my job and I work for a good employer. Work sucks because I have to do it. No silver spoon here. Work takes time away from living. I'm not college edjumacated so I have to rely on my fix it skills. Ya I also do some landscaping and weed control work but a well trained chimp could probably do some of that too. Actually a well trained chimp would probably go back to school and look for a better paying job.
 So now that vacation is over its back to fixing chainsaws with dull chains, weed wackers that won't start, pressure washers that don't build pressure and generators with fuel tanks full of water. Those are a small sample from Tuesday. I enjoy fixing these things so it helps to make work better.

Scene of the crime. Fixin broken stuff on my new lift table.

 Today Al has the day off so the boss will have the radio tuned to country music. Shoot me now. Don't bother commenting here about how great country music is. I just don't care for it. Besides, all the best country music is from people trying to be rock stars so what does that tell ya?  The real problem is that there must only be like ten country songs total because I hear the same ones over and over.
 I got a new "project" today. The boss wants me to build a tent stake puller. A what? Part of the business is tent rental. We have a crew that sets up and takes down tents. The stakes they use are three feet long. Some times these stakes are hard to remove. We can build pretty much anything we want and I did hear the boss use the term "overkill" so that makes me happy. Al and I have been throwing ideas back and forth and we keep coming back to something that can best be described as a self propelled log splitter. I'll be sure to post pics once we get started.

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