Sunday, August 31, 2014

Spiders and Bones

 Our kids are home for the holiday weekend. Yesterday the middle daughter and I found ourselves doing some local shopping. There is a large flea market held every Saturday just a block from our house so we went to check it out. I was on a mission to find a rubber spider but was not having any luck in my search. We stopped in a nearby antique store just because its so close to our house and we had never been in there.

Me- "Do you have any rubber spiders?"
Them- "No sir, this is an antique store"
Me- "Do you have any antique rubber spiders?"

 They didn't have what I wanted but I did score some Harley collector cards. I don't collect crap like this but I bought them just because I thought it was kinda fun and reminded me of when I was a kid and we collected Wacky Packages cards.
 When we left the antique store we cut across the flea market again and there was a vendor cleaning up his wares. My daughter noticed a big bin of rubber insects sitting on the table. I didn't have any use for the crickets, flies or grasshoppers but I was able to haggle the price down on a spider and walk away a happy camper.

 My daughter found some bones she thought were interesting. I'm not a big fan of dead animal parts unless I'm eating them, but hey, to each his own. She wanted a way to display them so we did a little shop project together.

 It turned out alright and should work good for what she wants to do.

 It was nice having the whole family together for a few days even though everyone had their own separate agenda.  We probably won't get together like this again until Thanksgiving. Today will be a big road trip getting everyone back to school and apartments.


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