Wednesday, September 23, 2015

A Day In The Life

  It's Tuesday night and I just plopped my ass down in my lazy boy and cracked a beer. My wife says "How was your ride, Dear?"
 Well before I get into my ride I'm gonna talk about my day. I've had to split my time at work between lawn applications and repairing equipment. I like the variety but I don't like that I'm a little behind in both areas. Today James would be helping me for the first time in a long time and I was looking forward to getting a lot done...and we did.

 These two hooded sprayers make short work of large properties. It's nice working for a guy that understands the importance of good equipment.

 The trucks aren't fancy but they also get the job done.

 After work I met my wife in Oshkosh with my personal truck and enclosed trailer. Inside the trailer was the new Ultra. It needed to go to the shop for service and a recall on the clutch. I couldn't get a loaner and because of my other plans I would be dropping the bike off after hours. Other plans? My youngest daughter had major problems that had to be tended to. That's right, her cell phone was broken. Oh, she also needed a ride to the store to buy more blue hair dye. Sigh.
 I wasn't looking forward to dealing with the reps at the phone store. It usually never turns out well and always costs me an ass load of money. I was prepared for this so when I found out the phone was still under warranty I was thrilled! Turns out that for $38 Apple was gonna send her a new phone overnight and all we had to do was send the old one back. Nice. Even nicer was when there was some confusion about how they were gonna take our credit card info. The confusion was on their end and finally the Apple rep said screw it, no charge. Even the rep at the store was amazed and claimed he had never seen them do that. We left feeling happy and hungry. Olive Garden provided some tasty eats and afterwards my wife returned our daughter to college and I headed north to the Harley dealer.

 My 2000 Dodge Ram isn't the best towing vehicle out there because of the tall gearing and mud terrain tires but it handled the chore. At the dealer I unloaded the bike in the dark then got back on the interstate for the 65 mile ride home. It was a pretty warm night. I had my window down with my elbow hanging out and two fingers on the wheel. The truck handles much better now with the new ball joints I installed a few weeks back. No more do I see the trailer wagging it's tail in the rear view mirror due to my having to constantly correct the darting back and forth of a worn out old truck. My right arm rests on the sub woofer enclosure that now resides where the center console used to be. The stereo has two amps and the smaller one is 1200 watts that just powers this sub. I have the music loud enough that I can feel it. In fact the outside rear view mirrors can feel it too as they just reflect fuzzy flashes of light when the bass hits. Hey, gotta have my jams.
 I switch my headlights to hi beam despite the oncoming traffic. Nobody cares as the lights are aimed so damn low that my hi beams are still worse than most peoples lows. No problem, there is half a moon glowing down and I know this route pretty much by feel. I like city lights and I like driving at night.
 So Honey, that's how my ride was. If the dealer finishes the bike on time I'll get to do it again tomorrow.

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