Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Selfie Stick

 My wife sells promotional products. You know, pens, shirts, stickers and whatever else you want to put your logo on. On occasion she brings home samples and for the most part they are pretty cool. Thanks honey! Now and then she brings home something I don't really think I'll be able to use. The latest item fell into that category. It was a selfie stick. I guess these are very popular right now so after it sat on my desk for a week I decided I better open the box and check it out.
 To my surprise it is a gadget. A hi tech stick! I envisioned a phone mount on a stick. What I wasn't prepared for was the shutter button on the handle and a cord that plugged into the headphone jack. With a simple settings adjustment on my phone I enabled the shutter function. I was now prepared to take selfies.

First selfie

Pondering the whole selfie stick concept

The BSA is still in pieces

Finally found a good use for selfie stick!

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